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Lead with Trust

Don Shapiro, co-author of The Character-Based Leader and founder of The Leadership Initiative, takes audiences on a journey into the most current thinking and research about what makes us an effective leader and what types of leaders actually produce better results. This high energy and fun program explores the seven questions to help managers develop their leadership character and the seven building blocks of a Character-Based Leader. Read more about this leadership speech

Touching People’s Lives

Don Shapiro gave his first speech before an audience of 800 when he was 14 and they haven't been able to stop him since! Over all these years, he has developed an interactive, high energy and fun style that speaks directly to what will make the most difference in people's lives at home, in the community and at work. He shares insights that give people a way to figure out their own choices and embrace their role as a leader.

Life Is A Fork In The Road

Add up your choices and that's your life. Change your choices and change your life. Don Shapiro is writing a book about how we can improve our choices to better navigate our journey through life. Life Is A Fork In The Road has already attracted over 60,000 fans on Facebook where he regularly shares his writings. Read more about this speech on life's choices