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Healthy America Foundation

Help Americans Fix Healthcare Cost, Coverage, and Quality… For Good

Help Americans fix US healthcare cost, coverage and quality


Lead an effort to fix the US healthcare system so it operates at a 25% lower cost, covers everyone, delivers better health outcomes, keeps cost from rising faster than the cost of living, and takes the politics out of healthcare by finding a solution that at least 80% of the American people support.

Educate America, Set Goals, Find Solutions

To fix the U.S. healthcare system, first we need a process to figure out what we want and evaluate the options to get it. That starts by defining the real problem and what caused it followed by setting goals about how much better the system could be. Goals have to be set before proposals are developed and proposals have to achieve all the goals. All of this has to be supported by 80% of the American people for it to work the best and last. 

We can’t have a healthcare system that cost less, covers everyone and delivers better health outcomes as long as it’s a political ping pong ball. 

It’s time for the American people to take charge of their healthcare system and set it’s future path. The Healthy America Foundation will help them do that.

1. Educate Americans about the problems, causes and possibilities of US healthcare

  • Cover all the problems preventing the system from running at a far lower cost while delivering better health
  • Uncover what caused these problems
  • Clear up all the myths about healthcare and ways it can be improved
  • Explore how much better the system could be

2. Help Americans set goals about what they want the healthcare system to do

  • Propose goals that address all the problems and causes
  • Determine which goals at least 80% of Americans will support

3. Evaluate and develop solutions that accomplish all the goals

  • Potential solutions must accomplish all the goals 80% of Americans support
  • Educate Americans about various solutions that can accomplish all the goals
  • Determine which solution at least 80% of Americans will support
  • Write the final legislation on that solution for Congress to approve
Americans learning about how to fix US healthcare
Healthy America Foundation

5 Proposed goals for a better US Healthcare System

1. Reduce the total cost to operate the entire US Healthcare System by 25% so both individuals and organizations pay less to fund the system
2. Change the financial incentives of the system so that cost do not rise faster than the cost of living by rewarding wellness boosting instead of more illness treatment
3. Cover 100% of Americans birth to death at the 25% lower operating cost so that everyone has equal access to quality healthcare
4. Improve the delivery of healthcare so it produces better health outcomes including lower infant mortality, lower chronic disease, and higher life expectancy
5. Take the politics out of healthcare by ensuring at least 80% of Americans support the goals and solution.

How the Healthy America Foundation Works

1. Development Team

1000 experts from a variety of fields work together to research the healthcare system, listen to the American people, develop proposals, and evaluate and test proposals in an objective, non-partisan, non-ideological way. These experts will collaborate with over 10,000 experts including doctors, nurses, healthcare executives, professors, consultants, educators, economist, and more.

2. Education team

6000 teachers deployed in every U.S. county to conduct live meetings and workshops about the US Healthcare System and listen to the issues and goals people express so they can be shared with the Development Team.

3. Communication and Marketing Team

Create and deliver mass communications about this effort

4. Polling Team

A team of top experts in survey and polling create a polling system which eliminates the issues of current polls so it can accurately assess the opinions of all Americans and be trusted by Americans. This system will be used to determine when the 80% support threshold has been achieved.

5. These four teams plus executives, administrative support and IT will total 7500

Help Americans fix US healthcare cost, coverage and quality

Transformative scale to implement a comprehensive improvement in the U.S. Healthcare System that addresses cost, coverage, access, and quality issues for all Americans

Corporations to fund Healthy America Foundation

Healthy America Foundation Funding

Establish a fund of $25 to $40 billion by asking America’s largest public and private corporations to each contribute $25 million to the Healthy America Foundation. This will be highly beneficial to them because it lowers their long term employee benefit expenses, increases their employees after tax income, and increases the after-tax spendable income of all Americans boosting the economy.
With healthcare approaching 20% of GDP, there is a growing risk that an inability to fund the healthcare system could cause it and the entire economy to crash. As cost continue to rise faster than the cost of living, a point will be reached where Americans cannot afford to fund the healthcare system anymore which could lead to a recession or depression. A major restructure of the healthcare sector is the only way to cut enough cost and stop excessive rising cost to prevent this from happening.

Achieving all of Healthy America’s proposed goals will deliver the following benefits:

  • Substantially reduce the cost of healthcare for all Americans and the organizations that offer healthcare benefits
  • Stop healthcare cost from rising faster than the cost of living
  • Increase the after-tax spendable income of all Americans
  • Cover all Americans healthcare needs from birth to death with equal access to quality healthcare
  • Improve the quality of healthcare delivery
  • Change Healthcare from a focus on more illness treating to a focus on wellness boosting
  • Improve health outcomes including lower chronic disease, lower infant mortality, and higher life expectancy
  • Create a system that delivers better health at a lower cost for all Americans
Healthy America Foundation

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