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Restaurant Executive Priority Survey

How Do Priorities Affect Sales and Profits?

Chain, multi-unit franchisees and association executives participate in a survey that can uncover ways to boost sales and profits. Launch of new research initiative.

Don Shapiro, President of Frist Concepts ConsultantsDon Shapiro, President of First Concepts Consultants, is personally conducting a brief phone survey of restaurant and association executives to learn more about how executive priorities affect sales and profits.  The results of this survey will be reported in industry publications and speeches.

This survey launches a major new research initiative to help the restaurant industry find more sales and profits in areas it may feel are already adequately addressed.  The initiative is so big an entire website has been created about it. The website and initiative will remain hidden until after executives go through the survey so as not to bias their answers.

“My hope is that those who take the survey will actually gain some valuable insights simply by participating in it. The research initiative itself could produce new evidence about what affects sales and profits that would lead major chains to enhance some things they do,” according to Shapiro.

How This Anonymous and Confidential Priority Survey Is Conducted

15 minute phone surveys will be conducted with several hundred headquarter and multi-unit franchisee executives. The survey is anonymous and confidential. The answers given will be added together to produce summary totals used in the article broken out by generic areas such as size of operations, dining segment and other similar attributes. The individual surveys will remain confidential and the article will not identify any single chain’s answers.

Executives prioritize a list of 9 areas that are all considered important in running a restaurant chain based on how they contribute to long term sales and profits. These 9 areas include:  customer service, food and beverage quality,  cleanliness, food cost, labor cost, marketing, human resource programs and compensation, hiring practices and leadership. This is followed by executives sharing the reasons behind their priority choices. The survey concludes with a few additional questions about one of these 9 priority items.

The Initiatives Inspiration

Don Shapiro started his career with Lawry’s Restaurants and rose up to become a senior operations and marketing executive for Specialty Restaurants Corporation before launching First Concepts Consultants. After several years working with the restaurant industry, other industries asked for his help. He ended up spending over twenty years assisting organizations in 30 different industries.

Then he stepped back to reflect on what he had learned through four decades of business experience. That’s when he began to connect dots from his experience with Lawry’s, what he had seen in these other industries and the on-going challenges the restaurant industry faces.  He become inspired to return to the restaurant industry to conduct more research and raise awareness about more ways the entire industry could boost its sales and profits. The research studies that are a part of this new initiative could not only change the restaurant industry for the better but hold out the promise of improving organizations everywhere.

To Schedule a Survey or Ask A Question

Email Don Shapiro: donshapiro@firstconcepts.com Phone: 202-255-3727 (he is on the West Coast though this is a DC exchange)