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Life Is A Fork In The Road

Add Up Your Choices and That’s Your Life. Change Your Choices and Change Your Life.

During our life, we will make over one million choices. Some are big and most are small. Some we consciously make while others we put on auto pilot. Life is a fork in the road that consists of one choice after another from the time we are born until we pass on. All of these choices  shape how our tree of life grows.

Life Is A Fork In The Road

Life Is A Fork In The Road

For seven years, inspirational speaker and author Don Shapiro has collected real life stories from people all over the world about how they made choices that helped them change their lives. Life Is a Fork in The Road is a book being written by Don Shapiro on Facebook about how we can make better choices and follow our inner wisdom to navigate our journey through life.

Instead of rushing to publish what he learned, he has freely shared his message on Facebook. This allowed him to gather more stories and engage in conversations that helped him better understand what’s behind people’s choices and what would help them to move forward. Today, that Facebook page has over 90,000 fans and includes 200 pages of what Don has written so far. Thousands of people have already been helped through his life affirming message.

This inspirational speech can inspire you to change your life

  • Gain new awareness and understanding
  • Find the courage to make that first step into an unknown future
  • Build your confidence
  • Accept yourself and embrace who you are
  • Become the force of change in your life
  • Understand the role of time in achieving goals, making changes and healing from hurt
  • Learn that it’s okay to not be perfect
  • Discover how unconditional love can improve your relationships
  • Learn how to move from hurt and pain to forgiveness
  • Gain perspective on how to handle life’s toughest issues such as grief and breakups
  • Realize your full potential and be all you can be
  • Learn how you can grow your tree of life, change your life and journey toward a better place

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People trust your character, not your title. Character-Based Leaders lead from who they are rather than their position or power. Don Shapiro is a co-author and editor of this book from the non-profit Lead Change Group.