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Lead with Trust and Boost Your Results

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A speech that inspires everyone to embrace their role as a leader and develop a leadership character people can trust


An inspiring speech by Don Shapiro, co-author of The Character-Based Leader, founder of The Leadership Initiative, and President, First Concepts Consultants, Inc.

Discover the leadership character that builds enough trust in your people to produce exceptional results

Don Shapiro takes managers and executives on a fun journey into the current thinking and research about what makes a great leader and what type of leaders produce better results. This high energy program explores the seven questions to help managers develop their leadership character and the seven building blocks of a trusted leader.

Not all leadership methods are equal when it comes to producing results. While most leadership ideas can help you work better with your people, that alone will not raise your people’s performance enough to actually boost results. Research shows there are certain types of leaders that produce better results. From higher sales, customer satisfaction, and employee retention in business to more enthusiastic volunteers and better teamwork in the community to stronger families, trusted leaders get people to enthusiastically join them in the pursuit of a goal.

Great leadership starts with trust

Great leadership is about trust and building that trust is about your character…who you are. It’s not about your title, position, power or authority. You can be a great leader without a title and having a title does not make you a leader. It’s also not about using good human relations techniques. While that can improve how well you deal with people, it takes a lot more than techniques to build the type of trust that can produce exceptional performance.

People trust your character, not your title or techniques. When you lead from a character that builds trust, your people will enthusiastically join you in pursuing your goals.

The leadership character that builds trust

Leadership character combines your values and principles, how you see your role as a leader and your attitude toward those you lead. That includes integrity, respect, humility and servant leadership. Instead of being a manager who leads, you are now a leader who manages.

Key Points of Don Shapiro’s Leadership Speech

♦ Trust is the one true test of your leadership effectiveness

When people trust you, they will enthusiastically join you in the pursuit of your goals. This program explores why people trust others and why they don’t to identify the key characteristics that will consistently build trust.

♦  Embrace your role as a leader

Embrace your role as a leader instead of seeing leadership as a function you perform as part of your job title. When you lead from your character, you are a leader twenty four hours a day at work, at home and in the community. It’s not something you switch on and off. It’s who you are.

♦  Trusted leaders produce better results

Character-based leaders get their people to perform at a level that leads to more customer satisfaction, higher sales, better cost control, more engaged employees and higher employee retention. It attracts more volunteers and gets teams to perform at extraordinary levels. The evidence shows that organizations with more effective leaders produce better results.

♦  The leadership character that builds trust

Learn the seven building blocks of a leadership character that builds trust.


  • Are you a cattle herder or a cat herder?
  • The latest research and thinking about the type of leaders that produce better results
  • See your leadership role as a separate role from being a manager
  • What is trust and why is it so important?
  • The Seven Questions To Help You Develop Your Leadership Character
  • The Seven Building Blocks of a trusted leader

Don’s approach toward speaking that produces results


Please email Don to schedule a phone chat about how this program can help your people become better leaders


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Raising the Importance of Leadership through Speeches, Development and Research

Don Shapiro is now pursuing a vision to help all executives and managers elevate the importance of leadership and building trust. Join him in helping  make leadership a top priority in all types of organizations including businesses, non-profits, educational institutions, governments and community groups.

Leadership in action

Leadership in action

Speaker: He gives speeches and workshops on The Character-Based-Leader to help people achieve their full leadership potential and make leadership a top priority.

Executive Efforts and “52 Week a Year Leadership Development”: He helps executives discover why leadership effectiveness is the root cause behind customer satisfaction, employee retention, sales and profits so they make leadership a higher priority. Along with that, he advocates committing to continuous improvement in leadership through a “52 week a year leadership development effort” for those organizations that want to really boost their results.

Research: Finally, he is looking for companies to engage in research studies that can connect leadership character and effectiveness with employee retention, customer satisfaction, sales and profits. While many studies have been done that show some correlations, there is much more that needs to be done to finally show a clear casual link between leadership and results.  This will also help companies develop new ways of measuring management performance that connect directly to leadership effectiveness.

Please email Don to schedule a phone chat about ways to boost and research leadership effectiveness.

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Leadership book: The Character-Based Leader

People trust your character, not your title. Character-Based Leaders lead from who they are rather than their position or power. Don Shapiro is a co-author and editor of this book from the non-profit Lead Change Group.