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The Secret To Customizing Inspirational Speeches

Since 1985, Don Shapiro, President and founder of First Concepts,  has pioneered the customization of inspirational speeches, seminars and training programs.  To customize a program is not simply about finding things to relate to the audience. Customization means that the core content of a program is modified to address the specific situation, challenges, and goals of those in the audience.

For example, when speaking before salespeople, the program should be customized so it talks about what they offer for sale, what issues they face and how their actual prospects and customers think. That is the only way to deliver inspirational speeches that people can apply at work and in their life.

Standard Speech, Seminar and Training Customization

  • At least 10 people who the program is primarily targeted for are interviewed on the phone. This could be salespeople, service people, employees from other departments,  managers, dealers, franchisees, executives, volunteers or members of the group.
  • Members of management, officers or leaders are interviewed on the phone to get additional perspective and to set goals about what they want the program to accomplish.
  • Websites, written material, marketing materials, research and more are reviewed.
  • All of this information is used to develop custom material for the program.

Advanced Speech, Seminar and Training Customization

There is an infinite level of customization possible depending on what the client wants to achieve and how serious the challenges they face. That’s because Don Shapiro is a consultant who knows how to conduct investigations and draw insights from them. The more that’s discovered, the more insights that can be found and converted into educational and inspiring messages during a program. This could include any or all of the following:

  • Visit company headquarters and spend time with executives and key staff
  • Visit operating facilities such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, restaurants, stores, service centers, etc.
  • Travel with salespeople, regional managers, service technicians, etc.
  • Interview prospects and customers on the phone or in-person
  • Spend time with service people or other departments
  • Conduct competitive intelligence, win-loss interviews and more
  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment

Customized Inspirational Speeches Give Audiences What They Really Want

Don Shapiro’s inspirational speeches offer insights and perspective that help audiences to deal with their world in a better way. The more customized the speech, the more the audience will remember the message long after the program is over.

Contact Don to explore how a customized program could benefit your group.

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