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Don’s approach toward speaking that produces results

During the last three decades, Don Shapiro has developed an approach toward how he prepares and delivers each speech so it resonates with the audience, will be remembered long into the future and shares ideas that can actually help boost results.

Here is how he describes it…

  1. I bring several decades of speaking experience to every program I give. Through interactive experiences and stories, I leave audiences with a way to remember the key points far into the future. For example, in my new leadership program, I ask the audience “are you a cattle herder or a cat herder?” This creates a lot of laughter and fun in exploring these differences which I then relate to their kids and employees and why great leaders are actually cat herders!
  2. Every program I give is customized for the specific group and objectives of the meeting. This includes interviewing select individuals who will be in the audience to understand what is actually going on in their world right now.
  3. My programs offer my own original ideas based on my research and experience. They share the latest thinking about what leadership actually is and what types of leaders produce the best results at work, in the community and at home.

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Leadership book: The Character-Based Leader

People trust your character, not your title. Character-Based Leaders lead from who they are rather than their position or power. Don Shapiro is a co-author and editor of this book from the non-profit Lead Change Group.