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Don Shapiro

Don Shapiro

Don Shapiro

Find Better Choices That Can Improve Leadership, Selling and Life’s Choices

Speaker, author and consultant Don Shapiro inspires and educates by sharing his discoveries about how we make and influence choices. Learn more about choices to discover why customers buy, why people follow leaders and how we can better navigate our journey through life. His high energy, interactive and fun learning experiences can improve people’s lives at work, at home and in the community.

Don Shapiro is the President of First Concepts Consultants, Inc., a management advisory practice that investigates difficult challenges and finds creative solutions.  He started his career as a restaurant manager with Lawry’s Restaurants then moved up to become a national chain operations and marketing executive. As a consultant,  Don has worked with organizations in over 30 industries to discover ways to grow and operate better based on his original research in the areas of sales, marketing, strategy and leadership.

New Discoveries

He discovered how customers figure out their perceptions of value and what causes that value to rise and fall. This enables salespeople, marketers and strategist to get more people to buy. His research about employee trust, retention and performance resulted in fresh insights on leadership. Finally, his on-going study into personal choices has helped thousands of people improve their journey through life.

Don Shapiro gave his first speech before an audience of 800 when he was 14 and they haven’t been able to stop him since. He has spoken before thousands of groups including businesses, associations and community organizations with his high energy, interactive and fun style.


He is a co-author and editor of the The Character-Based Leader and is writing an inspirational self-help book Life Is A Fork In The Road.  Don is a graduate of the Executive Program in Management at the UCLA Anderson School of Management and lives with his wife Lia in California’s Coachella Valley, famous for the Coachella Valley Music Festival and PNB Paribus Open tennis tournament.


Each program is customized for the audience through interviews and research. This insures the program achieves the goals of the meeting, the audience can relate to the message and people walk out of the room inspired with fresh insights.

The Character-Based Leader: How to Build Trust in Your People

The program that gets the audience shouting “I Am A Leader!”

People trust your character, not your title. Leadership is all about trust and trust is all about character. Don Shapiro is a co-author and editor of The Character-Based Leader. He shows audiences why leadership is so important, how to develop their leadership character, and how to fully embrace their role as a leader.

Find the Stealth Value to Close More Sales

Why even top salespeople lose sales sometimes and how to address it.

Closing the sale is about raising the customer’s perceptions of value as high as possible. That’s what 28 years of Don Shapiro’s research concluded. When salespeople learn how customers figure out their perceptions of value and what causes that value to rise and fall, they discover new ways they can influence customers to say yes. Even experienced, trained, top producing salespeople can learn to close more sales by applying this new information.

Life Is A Fork In The Road

Add Up Your Choices and That’s Your Life. Change Your Choices and Change Your Life.

During our life, we will make over one million choices. Some are big and most are small.  Life Is a Fork in The Road is a book being written by Don Shapiro on Facebook about how we can make better choices and follow our inner wisdom to navigate our journey through life. For six years, motivational speaker and author Don Shapiro has collected real life stories from people all over the world about how they made choices that helped them change their lives. This program helps people discover more choices, learn to trust their inner wisdom and find the courage to take action.

Executive Strategy Programs

Don Shapiro conducts customized executive workshops based on his discoveries to help organizations find new insights that can improve results.

  • Improve strategy by understanding how customers figure out their perceptions of value
  • Discover the connection between leadership effectiveness and sales and profits
  • Explore what’s affecting growth, margins and market share to find more revenue
  • Better align strategy and structure for improved results

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Leadership book: The Character-Based Leader

People trust your character, not your title. Character-Based Leaders lead from who they are rather than their position or power. Don Shapiro is a co-author and editor of this book from the non-profit Lead Change Group.